Thursday, June 4, 2009

Railing Code Items

Many people ask about common items like what are the code requirements for a stair railing. Here are some relevant code items from the 2006 Seattle Residential Code.
  • The top of the railing needs to be a minimum of 34" measured vertically above the nosing of the stair tread.
  • The triangular opening formed by a stair tread, riser, and the bottom railing of the guard rail cannot let a 6" sphere pass through.
  • The railing should not let a 4" sphere pass through any opening (except as noted above).
  • The 'pickets' in the railing can be vertical or horizontal, or follow the slope of the stairs (or every which direction as long as the 4" rule is maintained.)
  • Connections of the railing to the structure should resist 200lb/sf load.
  • A handrail is required too.

1 comment:

  1. The third item in the code kinda makes sense, if I have it right. For instance, you wouldn't want anyone's head to fit in between the railing system.